What is HughesNet?

HughesNet® stands as the preferred option for satellite Internet in the United States, boasting a subscriber base exceeding 1 million individuals. Leveraging cutting-edge satellite technology, HughesNet furnishes a remarkably swift and consistently accessible Internet connection. This service is accessible nationwide, bridging connectivity gaps even in regions where high-speed alternatives are limited or unavailable.

What is satellite Internet service?

Satellite Internet service extends its availability across all regions, including locales burdened by sluggish DSL and areas beyond the reach of fiber and cable alternatives. This technology operates by transmitting signals from a satellite to a dish affixed on your property, which in turn links to an internal modem. This modem is equipped with Wi-Fi functionality, facilitating connections for devices like phones and computers. Regardless of your residential location, including rural environs devoid of cable or fiber infrastructure, Satellite Internet ensures universal access.

What can I do with satellite Internet service?

Satellite Internet service delivers high-speed connectivity to regions lacking fiber and cable alternatives. This empowers you to engage in chatting, emailing, video streaming, social media interactions, remote work, and the seamless facilitation of distance learning programs for your children.

How does a satellite Internet connection work?

Step 1: Initiate the process by sending a request for a web page from your computer to a satellite stationed around 22,000 miles in space. This satellite's orbit matches the Earth's rotation period (24 hours), placing it in a geosynchronous position that remains constant over the planet's surface. Despite this considerable distance, the advanced technology behind satellite Internet renders it effective even for rural connections.

Step 2: The satellite establishes communication with the Hughes Network Operations Center (NOC), which then pinpoints the precise website you've requested.

Step 3: The website's data is transmitted back along the same path to the HughesNet Network Operations Center, followed by relay to the satellite, and ultimately to your computer through your HughesNet dish and modem. Despite the extensive travel distance, the transmission experiences only a fractional delay of seconds. This delay, known as latency, is akin to what you might encounter when using a cell phone. Typically, while browsing the internet, this latency remains inconspicuous.

Upon the professional installation of HughesNet, connecting to the internet via satellite becomes an uncomplicated endeavor!

What is the Bonus Zone?

The Bonus Zone encompasses the timeframe between 2 am and 8 am, offering every customer an extra 50 GB per month of plan data! All HughesNet Gen5 plans include this additional plan data allocation during the Bonus Zone period. Leverage this extra data to effortlessly download large files such as movies, system updates for your devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones, and much more.

How does the Video Data Saver work?

HughesNet Gen5 dynamically fine-tunes data rates for streaming videos, ensuring exceptional visual quality without excessive data consumption. Speeds are optimized to provide an experience akin to DVD quality, preserving data and enabling you to enjoy triple the amount of video content✝︎. Should you wish to view HD videos, you retain the flexibility to opt in or out of the data saver feature, either temporarily or on a permanent basis. Additionally, you have the convenient option to pause the video data saver for a duration of 4 hours.

What happens when I use up all of my plan data?

HughesNet does not impose strict data limits that result in disconnection. Even if you surpass your plan's allocated data, your connectivity remains intact. However, in times of high network congestion, you might encounter diminished speeds.

What are HughesNet Express Repair plans?

Express Repair is a service safeguard plan devised to ensure the prompt restoration of your HughesNet® service in the event of an interruption. While enrolled in this plan, you will continue to receive around-the-clock Technical Phone Support. If troubleshooting over the phone doesn't resolve the issue, a certified technician will be dispatched to your location for swift service restoration. Customers under the Express Repair program benefit from a reduced service fee for onsite repair visits.

You have two service options to choose from:

  1. Express Repair – Basic: This option guarantees a technician will confirm an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) and arrive by the second business day.
  2. Express Repair – Premium: With this choice, a technician is committed to confirming an ETA and arriving by the next business day.

Both service tiers include live technical phone support (toll-free). If necessary, a certified HughesNet technician will visit your residence or business to restore service, requiring only a $29.95 co-pay after the initial 30-day period.

What are the most common myths about satellite Internet providers?

There are individuals who might hold back from subscribing to satellite Internet due to misconceptions they've encountered or a lack of awareness about the convenience and quality offered by high-speed satellite Internet providers.

Misconception #1 – Satellite Internet service providers don't extend their reach to rural areas.

Contrary to this, Hughes offers satellite Internet coverage across the entire contiguous United States, encompassing rural regions. As a dependable satellite Internet provider, Hughes delivers high-speed Internet service even in areas where traditional high-speed options are limited or absent.

Misconception #2 – A satellite dish must be installed on a roof.

While satellite antennas are often affixed to roofs (approximately 97% of the time), not all satellite Internet providers mandate this setup. A certified HughesNet installer can expertly determine the optimal placement on or near your residence for mounting the satellite dish.

Misconception #3 – Satellite Internet usage ties up your phone line.

HughesNet facilitates two-way, high-speed Internet access through satellite technology, not through your phone line. This means you can seamlessly use both your phone and the internet concurrently, thereby eliminating the necessity for an additional phone line.

Misconception #4 – Satellite Internet equipment is unwieldy and complicated.

The cumbersome eight-foot satellite dishes from the past, especially in the context of most present-day businesses, are outdated. HughesNet customers merely require a computer, a modem, two coaxial cables, and the satellite antenna. The antenna's dimensions are comparable to those of typical satellite TV dishes.

Misconception #5 – Cloudy weather disrupts satellite Internet connectivity.

Ordinary cloud cover doesn't generally interfere with your satellite Internet connection. HughesNet's satellite Internet service remains unaffected by most clouds. Weather conditions only impact HughesNet's service during extreme circumstances such as severe storms or unusually dense clouds. Should you encounter difficulties, reach out to HughesNet Customer Care and Technical Support for assistance.

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* Assumes DVD-quality video streaming consumes data at a rate of 700 MB/hour, HD-quality video streaming consumes data at a rate of 2 GB/hour, streaming audio/radio consumes data at a rate of 75 MB/hour, an average web page is 2 MB, and social media pages consume data at a rate of 350 MB/hour. Please be advised that the values provided should only be used as a general estimation, as data usage may vary by device, by type and by quality of content.

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