HughesNet for Business

High-speed satellite Internet that gives you everything you need to grow your business.

Wherever your business is located, HughesNet® Gen5 provides a reliable, secure, always-on network that gives you instant access to the critical business information and applications you need:

  • Email
  • Point-of-sale transactions
  • Web pages
  • File sharing
  • Online videos
  • And more!

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Stay Connected Effortlessly

Connect with your team, clients, and customers with ease, thanks to our service designed for basic business connectivity, social media, and email.

Plus, all Business plans include Express Repair Premium^ – where a certified technician will quickly come to your location so you can continue with business as usual.

For peace of mind, add HughesNet Internet Continuity✝︎ to your Business plan to backup your primary service and eliminate downtime.

Boost Your Business Growth

Connect multiple devices and share files seamlessly to collaborate with your team and clients effectively, allowing you to get things done faster.


Elevate Your Business

Enjoy enhanced features beyond basic connectivity, including critical business applications, video, and more.

HughesNet Voice FAQs

Why should I get HughesNet for Business?

HughesNet for Business extends its availability to enterprises across the entire expanse of the US, spanning from coast to coast. As long as your business enjoys an unobstructed view of the southern sky, you can now access high-speed connectivity through HughesNet, bridging the gap even in areas where DSL and cable services fall short. With the introduction of HughesNet Gen5, a new era of satellite Internet unfolds, completely redefining its potential for businesses. This evolution translates to an abundance of benefits, including elevated speeds, expanded data allocations, and integrated Wi-Fi capabilities. Whether your operational scope encompasses a singular office or necessitates interlinking multiple branch sites, HughesNet ensures an exceptionally dependable, secure, and uninterrupted connection. This, in turn, furnishes immediate access to critical business essentials and applications—ranging from email and point-of-sale transactions to web browsing, file sharing, and beyond.

Can I have both a static and a dynamic IP at the same address?

Static IP needs will always supersede dynamic IP needs, but not all situations require a Static IP. Static IP is available for our satellite-only Business plans. Let’s review your needs to determine what is best for your account.

How does a satellite Internet connection work?

Step 1: Initiated by your computer, a request for a web page embarks on a journey to a satellite positioned approximately 22,000 miles above the Earth's surface. Positioned at this height, the satellite's rotational period aligns with that of the Earth (24 hours), allowing it to remain fixed in a geosynchronous orbit. Remarkably, this significant distance becomes inconsequential due to the advanced nature of satellite Internet technology, even when catering to rural connectivity demands.

Step 2: The satellite establishes communication with the Hughes Network Operations Center (NOC), which then orchestrates the identification and retrieval of the specific website you've sought.

Step 3: Following the aforementioned trajectory, the website's content retraces its path, traveling back to the HughesNet Network Operations Center and subsequently through the satellite. Ultimately, this information reaches your computer via the HughesNet dish and modem. Despite the considerable distance covered by the signal, the transmission only incurs a fraction of a second's delay. This latency is akin to what you might experience when using a cell phone and is usually imperceptible during typical online browsing activities. Once the professional installation of HughesNet is complete, connecting to the internet via satellite becomes an effortless endeavor!

What is the Bonus Zone?

The Bonus Zone is a period of time from 2am-8am, when all customers have access to 50 GB/month of additional plan data! All HughesNet plans come with additional plan data during the Bonus Zone. Use this additional plan data to download large files like movies, system updates for your computer, tablet, or smartphone—and more.

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